Luisteren of downloaden: ‘Brieven aan Bijou’

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Long, long ago ... Antwerp was not only the city on the river, but there was also a city in the stream. A listening story tells the history in the beautifully dressed Pedestrian tunnel and in the mirror tent on the Steenplein. Visitors can listen or download.

A mysterious underwater world full of strange creatures, who almost never came into contact with the city. That world has since disappeared. Or not quite? Some of those creatures still appear to exist. Like Portico, a big eel-like creature who falls in love with Bijou, a girl who lives in Antwerp. Will they ever be and stay together?

Listening story of Het Geluidshuis

Visitors can discover this modern Antwerp fairy tale themselves. The city had the listening story written and produced by Het Geluidshuis, which already has many successful radio plays. For 'Letters to Bijou' a voicemail was collected with famous names such as Bruno Vanden Broecke, Katelijne Verbeke, Ruth Beeckmans and Gène Bervoets.

Listen through the app

The audio guides can be borrowed free of charge at the entrances to the Pedestrian Tunnel and in the mirror tent at Steenplein. On and via the free app of Het Geluidshuis you can stream or download the story.

Photo: Noortje Palmers